Commercial Services



FRA offers superior commercial appraisal services for a wide spectrum of property types that deliver reliable and unbiased values.  Our appraisal services provide detailed analysis, diligent research and information and are delivered in a timely fashion.  Typical uses are financing (Conventional and HUD), refinancing, 1031 exchanges and estate tax planning.  Our team has built an in-house database program and appraisal management software to expedite the appraisal process while implementing quality control.  We also offer integration with RIMS Central. With our use of Narrative1 software, our reports can easily be tailored to efficiently meet the scope of each client's needs depending on the intended use and intended user.    


Market/Feasibility Studies

In today's turbulent and complex real estate markets, the need for reliable economic and marketability analysis is pivotal in the decision-making process.  FRA provides reliable market and feasibility studies with the statistics and information that is critical in evaluating risk and the decision making process.  This enables our clients to evaluate market trends, supply and demand factors, as well as pricing trends to assist with decisions such as site selection, project design, project phasing and marketing/pricing strategies. 

We have provided market studies from coast to coast on a variety of properties including but not limited to retail, self-storage, multi-family and senior-housing facilities.  


Property Types